Designed raised pet feeder BanditPet
Elevated dog bowl BanditPet

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Elevated dog bowl from plywood
  • Natural materials:  


BandiPet elevated dog bowls and cat feeders are made from natural wood veneer and our bowls are ecologically clean glazed ceramics. To be more precise – BanditPet elevated dog bowls and cat feeders are made of 6 layers of strong quality birch veneer. As top and bottom layer we use veneers from different timbers to offer you a wide selection of feeders that suit your home. Additional info on each specific veneer used you can find in our Shop.

BanditPet ceramic bowls are moulded from clay. Ecologically clean materials, modern technology and skilled craftsmanship are used.


BanditPet elevated cat feeder


  • Watertight feeder:


BanditPet elevated dog bowls and cat feeders are moisture resistant, recommended for use inside your home. To obtain moisture resistance all feeders have been varnished twice. If your cat or dog makes a mess while eating or splashes water while drinking – don’t worry. Water or food doesn’t damage the feeder even after longer contact. Feeder can be cleaned with moist cloth.


Designed elevated cat bowl
Elevated cat and dog feeder


  • Anti-skid bottom:


To make sure that the BanditPet elevated dog bowls or cat feeder stays in place while your pet is eating we have put 4 silicone buttons to the bottom of the feeder. These buttons prevent the feeder from sliding even on the very slippery floors.


Plywood pet feeder


  • Fixed bowl:


To make sure the bowl is not moving around in the feeder we have added silicone buttons also around the bowl. To follow the curve of the bowl we have cut the holes into the veneer at an angle to make sure the silicone buttons hold the ceramic bowl tightly in place.


BnaditPet dog ceramics


  • Comfortable eating without inner corners:


BanditPet ceramic bowls are without corners in the inner bottom to make sure your cat or dog can easily reach even the softest food that tends to get stuck in the corners.


Cat feeder


  • Easy to use bowls:


BanditPet ceramic bowls can be used also in the microwave ovens and dishwashers to offer you an easy wash and a possibility to warm up your pet’s food before serving. As the edges of bowls are higher from the feeder, it is easy for you to get a good grip of the bowls to get them out of the feeder or place them back in.


Elevated cat feeder BanditPet
Cat feeder BanditPet


  • Dynamic design:


Design of BanditPet elevated dog bowls and cat feeders are based on our principle – Playful by Nature. Just as cats and dogs, veneer is by nature a versatile and happy material that can easily be shaped using modern technology. In BanditPet elevated dog bowl's and cat feeder's design we have tried to keep a simple and dynamic shape and accentuate features of veneer as natural material. Combining it with colorful possibilities of ceramic bowls results in eye-catching element that will fit your home just perfectly. 


Dog feeders by BanditPet
Dog feeders by BanditPet


  • Endless opportunities:


Round bowls give you an option to place them in the feeder under an angle you prefer and which is most comfortable for your pet. This way you can easily adjust the height of the bowl and the appearance of the feeding station.



  • Material that lives:


Wood is a living material that constantly reacts to its surroundings. Even though we dry, glue and shape it, we have to admit that each feeder is unique because it reacts uniquely to its environment. These reactive changes are mostly not noticed by eye but it is a material that literally lives and breathes.


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