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Jane Roostar
Customer relations

Jane is the heart and soul of BanditPet. Without her incitement BanditPet’s hardworking team would be in quite a trouble. She is a joyous and helpful person and when talking with her you can pass your time quicker than when reading a good book. Jane denies it but everybody knows that she can’t pass a day without her customers and pets. She has a master level degree in economics and years of experience as entrepreneur in pet products trade. Jane dreams of a ranch where she could run with great danes in a huge paddock :-)


Marek Roostar
Development and production
Customer relations

Marek is a versatile idealist. He likes to watch pets and people for hours. But most of the time he is very determined. He knows what he wants and is mainly occupied by achieving his goals. His weakness but also his strength is animals – he would do anything for them. Marek has a master’s degree in business management and he has also studied educational management and social work. He dreams of being a pet, to find out what the most comfortable pet products are like.

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