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About BanditPet

BandiPet is a family business designing and producing pet accessories. You can find out more about us here.


We have been in sales of pet products for years but 2010 was the year we started to design and make raised feeders from veneer. The need for raised pet feeder came to us quite suddenly when our 13 years old Italian greyhound Glammy suddenly just stopped eating. She just stood in front of her food bowl and looked pleadingly at the bowl and then to our eyes. But didn’t eat a mouthful. Only a couple of days later, when in last resort we tried to feed her from hand, she took the food and ate. We realized then that eating from the floor was painful for her old joints and she just couldn’t reach the food.

Designed plywood dog bowl

Also our Russian toy dog Donna was in a solid age and she would have benefitted from the tension free eating.


From this arose the need for raised pet feeders that would also suit our home décor. Unfortunately we did not find any. As a temporary solution we cut round holes in shoe boxes to hold bowls higher from the floor and we started to design and produce the feeders which would be not only practical but also a decoration for any home and made from natural materials.

Pets have been part of our life as long as we can remember ourselves. Every pet owner knows that the most memorable moments of time spent with our pets are those when we and our best friends are happy. A happy pet is playful and mischievous, no matter the age. A happy pet is like a little bandit looking for some mischief. Thus our name - BanditPet - and slogan - Playful by nature – which goes rightfully both for pets and the veneer we have used to make our raised feeders.

Wood and clay are one of the most variously used natural materials. Today’s technology enables to shape wooden veneer into playful designs. Adding also the quality finish, results in BanditPet feeders which are a decoration for any nature loving home. Ceramic bowls are made of natural clay and its shape without inner corners makes it easy for your pet to reach even the softest food which tends to get stuck in the bottom corners.

We wish for every owner and their pets more joy of each other. More banditness for you and your pet. This is what we are here for. Playful by nature.

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